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"JavaScript from Scratch" ~ a one-day workshop

Get started with the JavaScript programming language. Learn to add interactivity and enhancements to websites and create browser-based web applications.

Javascript is used on most websites and, right now, it's seeing a staggering rate of innovation. For anyone engaged in web development, a grounding in JavaScript is becoming an increasingly essential and sought-after skill.

Weds 18th September 2013, 9am-5pm at L4RP, Brighton

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Who's it for?

Anyone who has a basic understanding of using HTML and CSS to create web pages. (If you want to learn these skills, take a look at our "Learn to Code" workshop).

You may have already seen and used JavaScript or jQuery code, and want to get back to the basics of the language. Or perhaps you already know another programming language and you want to expand your knowledge.

What you'll learn

You'll learn how to use the language and its core concepts. You'll get to create a small application, and along the way learn how to load data with AJAX, how to manipulate the HTML and CSS on the page and how to use the jQuery library to make web development simpler.

What you'll need

Basic familiarity with HTML and CSS, and access to a laptop that you can bring along (or contact us if you'd like to borrow one).

Who's teaching?

Tom Parslow, Premasagar Rose and Pete Goodman — all Brighton-based professional web developers and teachers of web technology.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this workshop, or if you'd like us to come and teach this in-house within your company, then please get in touch:

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You can also get tickets directly from Eventbrite.

We want to spread this knowledge far and wide, and we've tried to make the workshop as affordable as possible. If you are unwaged and cannot afford it but would greatly benefit from it, please contact us.