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Building Data Visualisations with D3

Learn to create interactive data visualisations for the web, using the incredible JavaScript toolkit, D3.

Weds 25th September 2013, 9am-5pm at L4RP, Brighton

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Data visualisation

We've never before had access to so much data about the world. Organisations are collecting more data than they know how to process or make sense of.

Data visualisation is the art and science of creating a visual form for data that makes it easier to understand large amounts of complex information on any subject. Engineering one requires the ability to manipulate and display data, according to the needs of the viewer.


D3.js is a JavaScript library for displaying visualisations in web browsers. It is widely acclaimed as the leading tool for data visualisation on the Web. Although it has a slightly steep learning curve, D3 soon becomes an exceptionally versatile tool for creating an impressive range of visualisations.

In our one-day workshop, you will learn how to get started with building your own data visualisations with D3. The day includes an introduction to SVG, the web standard language for vector graphics.

What you'll need

You'll need to be comfortable with JavaScript programming (if you want to learn JavaScript, see Coding For Humans). You'll also need to bring your own laptop along (or contact us if you'd like to borrow one).

Who's teaching?

Peter Cook comes from a background in computer-aided geometric design, having worked for ten years at Siemens, developing software in C and C++ to process and visualise complex geometry and graph structures.

More recently, he has been working as an independent front-end engineer for web-based visualisations.

Some of his recent experiments: tracking domestic energy usage, world map of migration, UK wind map and fractal tree.

Any questions?

Please ask.

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We want to spread this knowledge far and wide, and we've tried to make the workshop as affordable as possible. If you are unwaged and cannot afford it but would greatly benefit from it, please contact us.