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☄ Data Viz Lab

Lanyrd Fridays 27 July, 10 Aug & 24 Aug 2012, 10am-6pm at the Lab for the Recently Possible. Free entry.

Data visualisations ('data viz') are graphics used to represent information. They allow an exploration and understanding of data that would be impossible to achieve with just a table full of numbers.

Rain or shine

The sunshine or raincloud icons in a weather report are a basic kind of visualisation. A line graph showing the number of visitors to a website, or a 'heatmap' of activity on a country map are other kinds. But how might we visualise something as open as 'social impact'? And how can we create visualisations that draw the user within, using the interactivity and graphics capabilities of the modern web browser?

The growing field of data visualisation brings together a wide range of disciplines: art, psychology, mathematics, user experience and software engineering. It's potent and invigorating stuff!

A series of three all-day events ~ come to any or all

☼ It's a collaboration of diverse minds, to learn, research and produce potent visualisations and infographics of real world data.

☞ Artists, students, programmers, maths geeks, social medialings, meddlers, peddlers, civil servants, storytellers, journalists, hardware hackers and activists - all welcome.

☝ It'll be slower, more emergent and free-form than your average hack day — an experience in co-creation, peer support, skills sharpening, open space and inspirational works.

All events are free and run from 10am - 6pm at the Lab. Please sign up to show your interest: